Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Guardian article

Both Blair musicals are given a big article in today's Guardian, which you can read here.

You can also read about Nathan Kiley's brief encounter with the other musical's Blair, James Duckworth, in The Scotsman.

Last but not least, another foreign website gives James Lark his best misnomer yet, with him coming out in the translation as "Tony Jeers":

"The newly avgående British premiärministern Tony Blair am becoming huvudperson in an fresh musical. Tony Blair the music ska manifest on Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August , report BBC News. Musical tell utifrån Tony Blairs perspective and contents among other a tune with headings " ah what a promise the war on terrorism ". Self would balance discussions few per that watch all per his eye istället for that only criticises him and say "bang , bang , bang Irakkriget , wicked husband ", says regissören Tony Jeers , as also am acting Tony Blairs successor Gordon Brown in musical. Tony Jeers am meaning that the olds Labourledaren is perfect as substance."

Perfect as substance indeed. The foreign press seem particularly excited by our showstopper "ah what a promise the war on terrorism"...

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