Thursday, 9 August 2007

Vintage Hari

Tony Blair - the Musical features in today's Indpendent in what can only be described as vintage Johann Hari. "It's a neat conceit, but the news beyond the fringe – of Cameron's plummeting poll numbers, and Brown's bounce – shows the creators are too pessimistic", he writes. "Yet there is real charm here. Sure, the music is too brooding and bleak for such a jaunty idea... But this is a surprisingly intelligent way to process the Blair Years." And since that's about as nice as Hari generally gets about anything, I think we've done rather well there.

But better still, he says of my character: "Brown shambles on to the stage here as a chaotic, hyper-intellectual tramp, locked in a semi-gay sadomasochistic tango with Tony." Excellent stuff, and going straight on my CV.

The complete article is here.

We also have a four star review in today's Edinburgh Evening News, and have cropped up on the blog formerly known as Keep Blair for PM - and perhaps in our own small way we're sort of doing that...

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BlairSupporter said...

Thank you for your mention of my blog - Keep Tony Blair For PM.

Keeping Blair "... in your own small way" eh?

Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone in thinking perhaps, just perHAPS he shouldn't have been finished off by his 'friends' as he has been, even if the job's already gone to whatisname ;0(

At my blog today I almost came to blows with a regular commenter, with whom I agree on just about everything, except for Brown. He rates him highly. I'd like him strung up there.

You seem to be pretty good at getting the publicity about the show out.

Well done.

Hoping to come and see the show in the next week, if at all possible.

All the best.