Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Orch's final performance in Edinburgh

Dear all,

Now you've read all the press coverage, and know that we've been on the sold out board several times (even above Rhona Cameron...), an update from the MD appears to be in order. Although the Daily Mail cites James and Del as the creative forces behind this show, I feel I have contributed a little. Even if that is just that the cast know where to put their final consonants.

At present I am sitting in the performers' bar at the Pleasance Dome, with others having gone to take part in a discussion/debate about musical theatre. Our show is being discussed, so I'm told, so we'll see what comes of that. Rather than go and be pseudo-intellectual, I have opted to drink, smoke and blog.

My last performance in Edinburgh is tomorrow (15th), after which I hope to hear Delyth's brilliant notes session. I'll be disappointed if there isn't one. I gave my "perfunctory" notes in the Gilded Balloon Library Bar this afternoon and felt like I'd destroyed everyone in spirit...
So, for tomorrow's performance, Nick is taking over from me, playing and conducting, as well as cue-ing all of the click tracks. He's a marvel. I'm going to be like Boffin in the Ball. I've tried to think of ways to explain that allusion, but I can't. Boffin is a hamster, and rolls around the kitchen in a ball. Figure it out for yourselves.

So, after this, the real world beckons. The real world of temping and earning money. And trying not to spend money. I'm almost missing my finance work...Almost.


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