Monday, 6 August 2007

More media coverage

Tony Blair - the Musical is reviewed in today's Daily Telegraph, alongside Tony! the Blair Musical and Jihad! the Musical, and it describes our show as "the longer and more comprehensive of the two, and the most musically sophisticated of all. It runs the melodic gamut from near-Weillian severity to knowingly schmaltzy balladry, and is packed with rich, tight harmonies." You can read the full review here.

The Independent credits James Lark with the (let's face it rather absurd) inference that he is more capable of setting words than Stephen Sondheim - "Even Sondheim would have struggled with lines such as "tough on crime tough on the causes of
crime" but James Lark's new satire has already earned rave reviews" - see the full article here.

BBC arts correspondent David Sillito mentioned the show prominently on the Radio 4 late news report from the Fringe on 5th August. We are also mentioned on Scott Packs highly popular blog here. And last but not least, we are mentioned on a Swedish website here.

Many thanks to Dave Davies for his constant internet vigilance in telling us about the above, and also for providing the following translation of the Swedish review (which affords James Lark his best misnomer yet):

"Tony Blair the music ska under textförfattaren James Jeers depict occurrences per Blairs egna eye. Multi nuance than pang pang , wars in Iraq , wicked husband " is ambition , says Jeers to BBC. Solid size as " ah! what a promise the war on terrorism " a nod to 60- digits antikrigsmusikal " ah! what a promise the war " am exposing enough that the in first hand tube themselves if stale good satiric. The is none but that husband among autumn Swede musikalutbud of Sound perceive music My fair lady " and The wedding single " ( yes , film am becoming musical ) yearn behind somewhat similar. Solid hardly with Persian in starring. Was making had never wherein equal very rock'n'roll as Tony. Calle and options "? For very barnpjäs. Dataintrånget the folkpartiet grand "? Am matching enough better as konspiratoriskt rättegångsdrama. But why not " Monaco the music ". It has all. A classic dramaturgi : rise , case , revenge and a thrilling cliffhanger 2010. And also understand a grand potential audience as never ridge for that mingle politics and song."

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Dave A Davies said...

I rather enjoyed the line - "Nathan Kiley is a good Blair, looking disturbingly like Tony's love child with Hugh Grant".