Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Lunch with the Hamiltons and celebrity cameos

Nathan Kiley and James Lark were guests in today's Lunch with the Hamiltons, in which they performed "Your politics come straight from the heart" before squeezing onto a sofa with the cast of Tony! the Blair Musical and being quizzed on their Blair knowledge by Neil and Christine Hamilton. (Christine Hamilton: "In which club did Tony Blair announce his intention to resign this year?" James Lark: "Stringfellows?") The show culminated in both Nathan and James being wrapped in toilet roll by members of the audience, almost too much excitement for a lunchtime show.

We continue to shmoose with celebrities this week as the show sees a couple of cameo appearances from Fringe performers taking on the brief but showstopping role of Michael Fish. Thursday's show will feature Australian comedian Andrew McClelland, currently performing in Andrew McClelland's mix tape, and on Friday Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen, currently performing in You Can't Beat a Bit of a Bully, will be taking on the role.

It remains to be seen whether Neil and Christine Hamilton can be persuaded to play themselves in the show's opening number...

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