Monday, 30 July 2007

Cast Rivalry

I am beginning to feel overwhelmingly upstaged by my own guide dog. She may need to meet with an 'accident' of some kind and go the way of Lucy (and, to a lesser extent, Suzy) before her.

Ever since she got her high-visibility jacket she's been absolutely unbearable.

Well, you know what Sadie? That jacket makes you look fat and everybody's laughing AT you, not WITH you at all. You're a joke. And where your fur's falling out on your face it makes you look like you've got mange. Skank.


Claire said...

Do you think Sadie has seen my bruise?

James Lark said...

Sadie was trying to make me laugh onstage yesterday. I say let's replace her - we could get Gordon the Gopher to do a cameo?

anton said...

Or maybe Sweep. She's not half as good as that Sweep.

Prezza said...

Please can we get Roland the Rat to do a cameo. I miss Roland. Ever since his Clapham sex scandal and subsequent eviction from his own programme, his foray into reality TV - "Big Buddha" (Obviously, not British reality TV) has not done him justice. BRING BACK ROLAND!