Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Four men and a band deck.

Whilst the cast are secreting fluid from every pore, the band deck of joy is now home to a keyboard, a synthesizer, a sound desk, a lighting desk, and their respective operators. Oh, and lots and lots of cables.
I understand we're also to be joined by audience members for the previews this weekend. I might ask one of them to turn my pages, which would leave me with just 6 other things to be doing at the same time. If anyone guesses all six correctly, I'll buy them a drink.

Today's rehearsal was promising - problems from yesterday started to get solved. And, there aren't, in all actuality, that many problems to solve. I put this down to the casts's brilliant skill and efficiency during the rehearsal process. However, the problems left to solve are quite difficult to solve. I put this down to my incompetence.

Nick, our sound designer, is doing a sterling job, working all of our backing tracks, click tracks and audio cues, whilst trying to fix the foldback monitor for the cast so that, even if James can no longer see, he might be able to hear what's going on.
Lots of technical talk about the foldback monitor went over my head today. However, I was relieved that the mention of a "broken woofer" was, for once, not a reference to me.

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James Lark said...

I've found my glasses. They were in my bag. Idiot that I am.