Monday, 30 July 2007

CD now available!

The original cast recording of Tony Blair - the Musical, is now available, beautifully packaged and produced by Friday Audio and featuring not only all 66.6 minutes of music from the show (coincidence...?) but also a booklet containing the whole script.

You can buy it here and you really ought to. Now.

As is traditional for first print runs, there are a few mistakes and omissions on the packaging, so we would take this opportunity to make a Guardian-style apology for the errors. Most glaringly, the cast list is missing Rosanne Priest, who was very much present and vital to the recording - indeed, many listeners have already identified her delivery of the line "does the Prime Minister regret the bad example that his son's set?" as its most thrilling moment.

The packaging also omits to mention that the striking cover images were taken by the very talented Roy Salter, and the beautiful photographs scattered throughout the booklet are by Dave Ayerst Davies, who not only takes great pictures but, in the light of the preview shows, turns out to be impressively adept with a soldering iron as well.

Naturally these mistakes will be corrected as soon as the CD gets a second print run, which means that these copies will be all the more valuable in years to come when Rosanne, Roy, Dave and the musical are all household names. All the more reason to get online and buy it now.

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