Monday, 23 July 2007

What's in a name?

In spite of clear instructions, our musical director Mr Christopher Mundy has failed to explain why he will be posting entries to this diary under the name "Orch". He complained that it wasn't a very funny story which is probably true, but for the sake of getting the record straight and not confusing the millions who will be reading this, I feel it necessary to explain.

Besides warming up our voices and telling us we're putting our "t"s in the wrong place, Chris' role in the musical has involved orchestrating the score. All of the music we've been learning from, therefore, has been headed with the legend "orch. Mundy" - hence the nickname applied by the cast, easily the best nickname Chris has had since Girton Chapel Choir labelled him "Mundy's child".

For reasons which are beyond me, I have acquired the nickname "Superlark". Sure, it's an improvement on my childhood nicknames ("big ears" mostly) but since I never once wrote "Superlark" on the music for Tony Blair I am ignorant as to its origin. Perhaps another member of the cast can enlighten us all.


Danni said...

I feel that after being the catalyst and creator of some of the nicknames in the group, it is now my duty to enlighten people as to how they came about...

So on the first day of rehearsals when we were lovingly provided with our new musical scores for 'Tony Blair the Musical', I innocently noticed that on the top of each page there were the words ORCH MUNDY in brazen capital letters. Obviously I realised that this was indeed referring to 'Orchestration by Christopher Mundy', however in my somewhat naive and excited state of mind that day I decided that this was Chris' actual name. Hence the nickname Orch was created.

It's not a interesting story but never mind!

Other nicknmes include 'Groovy Sue', 'Sockett and see', 'The Jazz Queen', 'The Claire', 'Emo', 'Superlark' - who's superpower is the power of flight whilst writing new musicals, and 'Monk'. See if you can figure out who has what nickname.

Prezza said...

Ok, so here goes the enlightening. Once upon a time there was a young boy names James who stumbled across a magic tractor that turned into a field and they all blah blah blah the end.

The story is not that exciting really. We (the 'we' being represented by myself, Danielle and Rosanne') were conversing about potential nicknames for the Blairettes. Having already established Orch, (of which I take credit for - try and deny me it, but I will always know the truth) we thought it only right to name creative commissioners within the group. So we decided that Orch could very well be the faithful sidekick of James Lark (let's face it, if you have sidekick, then you have to be pretty super, which reflects in the title).

We have gradually determined through extensive searches of family records and medical history that James came across a wood when he was a young boy. He rather liked this wood and decided to have a picnic there (we should also mention at this point that his picnic companion was, no not Orch - his career as sidekick had not been decided at this point, but Ivor the Engine.) Anyway, I digress. Upon enjoying the delicacies of amuse bouch and hors d'oeuvres - James was very mature for his few years - a curious, and quite frankly over-zealous lark appeared from the lower canopies of the wood - and tried to pilfer a tuna vol au vent from Ivor's grasp. As if naturally and instantaneously inheriting "super" traits, he dived with mongoose-like reactions to protect Ivor's vol au vent (after all, Ivor has no hands so finds it hard to protect his beloved foodstuffs from cheeky birds).

The cheeky bird, being the lark in this particular case(though Ivor had many a story that he would regale over cocktails with Thomas (the tank Engine, of course)) swooped majestically, obviously experienced in this particular theft strategy, having half-inched a cornish pasty from the Swamp Thing's grasp earlier that day. The bird, having taken the pasty, also ingested some toxic, radiocative goo (technical term) and transfered this whe coming into contact with youg James deflecting hand. The lark beak broke the skin of the brave lad and consequently infused the goo (again with the technical) directly into his blood stream. Before he knew it, he had acquired the skills of the lark,, as well as saving the precious pastry.

So now James was no longer James. His life was never the same and soon he became a recluse, unsure of whether he could control his powers. These being:
The ability to pounce on food the moment it is left unguarded;
The ability to fly (of course)
The ability to use music to entertain the masses

James gradually became more in-tune with his abilities and uses his powers for good and for his own benefit (when communal food has been ordered).

So that is the story of Super Lark. Long Live the Lark!

James Lark said...

I'm sorry I asked...

Rosanne Priest said...

What's in a name, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you!

Anagrams of cast names:

James Lark: Lama jerks

Delyth Jones: Holy jet ends!

Christopher Mundy: Her symphonic turd
and (of course) Strip under my Orch! (Which I worked out myself, and incorporates the use of Orch's nickname).

Sue Appleby: Easy up, pleb!

Danielle Fenemore: Feed lame one-liner
O dear me! Feel Lenin.

Nathan Kiley: Key anal hint
Thin an' leaky

Ian McFarlane: Nice anal farm
Fine anal cram
Mean, if carnal.
(The fun is endless with Ian's name).

Rosanne Priest: Porn irateness
Print one's arse

Paul Sockett: A pocket slut

Claire Trusson: Cruel arsonist

Anton Tweedale: Needle on a twat

James Lark said...

Erm...have you given up on learning your lines then, mmm?