Sunday, 29 July 2007

Oh. My. God.

Quite simply, I am on the HUGEST high, following the opening preview night at the Space in London.
I'm trying to maintain some perspective here, and remember that it still wasn't a flawless performance by any means, and also that the previews are just that - previews - intended to iron out any 'wrinkles' before the real run in Edinburgh.
But all that aside, tonight felt fantastic! It all seemed to go so fast, and I loved every minute of it.
One highlight of the evening was the realisation that, as the cast were backstage congratulating ourselves after the show and group-hugging, we finally became aware of the dull background sound that was the audience still applauding several minutes after we'd actually left the stage!
The only option was to take a second bow.
I really hope tonight is a preview of the audience reaction we get in Edinburgh.
You guys were all fabulous!
I will never sleep tonight.


Paul Carr said...

Congratulations to all. And I say that as one of the punters still applauding minutes after you left the stage to group hug. A truly brilliant performance of a stunningly good show. If it doesn't get six stars in Edinburgh, then Edinburgh is an idiot.

Dave A Davies said...

I loved it! It was an absolute triumph! The audience reaction was incredible, they adored it and laughed in all the right places! For a preview it was incredibly polished performance. Very well done.

Prezza said...

I have never gone out for a second bow before and to do that after a lengthy, very "theatre-type" congratulatory group hug felt amazing. I feel so proud to be involved with a group of such great performers, who just so happen to be great people, as well as being a part of the first viewing of a fantastic script and score by Super Lark (who has quite obviously pulled ALL his super powers into one concentrated mass with this show to be Uber Lark). Orched fantastically (as the sweat proved) by Orch/Master Mundy.

Oh geez, I love you guys!

Roll on tonight!