Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sweaty show

People disappointed by Rosanne's delayed opportunity to push herself forward as Sheffield's most important export since David Blunkett (I understand she will now be doing the interview next week some time) might like to tune in to Simon Mayo's show on Five Live today, on which I'll be discussing the current state of musical theatre and hopefully managing to suggest that the newest political musical to hit the stage is pretty much where it's at.

It will also give me a welcome chance to escape this afternoon's rehearsal for a couple of hours. Not that the rehearsals have been anything less than jolly and fun, but we seem to have had a sudden spell of warm weather and Del is insisting that we rehearse in suits (because it's reasonable to assume that if we're going to be dancing in suits in the show we'd better learn how it feels now) so in the muggy humidity of the Space we're finding it rather a sweaty show. Edinburgh is notorious for it's badly air-conditioned venues, so I can't help feeling that this is likely to be the case throughout August as well.

In other news, I have lost my glasses.

Oh, and we're blogging in London time now.

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